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The Second Chance Project is a beacon of light and hope to broken and void filled youth that form part of our society. We deal with route issues and bring change by sharing inspired stories about overcoming against all odds. Our speakers are living testimonies of the power of “A Second Chance”.

Lack of father figures and broken homes are the social norm in this day and age, because of this we have identified core issues that need to be addressed, in order for our youth to overcome things like; racism, rejection, substance abuse, sexual abuse, peer pressure, bullying and a lack of identity.

The Second Chance Project has been incredibly effective in bringing about immediate change to our Primary Schools, High Schools, Universities and even abroad. Each one of our speakers have a unique story to tell that resonates with all.

We are bold and unashamed in our approach to touch on areas that most are scared to verbalize, while also maintaining sensitivity with the ability to discern every group that we are addressing. Each speaker is passionate and sold out to this cause and identifies this initiative as a “calling”.






Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse



Negative Peer Presure

Negative Peer Pressure

Lack of Identity

Lack of Identity



Broken Homes

Broken Homes



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Leon du Preez

While living a lifestyle of darkness and bondage, enslaved by substance abuse, I heard a message of hope and power that completely transformed and changed my life. I received a second chance. Second Chance is the perfect platform for many such testimonies to be shared in the local schools.

Gerhard van wyk

Since I can remember the greatest battle I had to face was knowing who I was. I never had Identity, faced severe rejection and abuse but one encounter with God changed my life forever.

Matthew Fincham

Mr World South Africa 2014, bachelor of the year 2012, Mr Pretoria 2011. Growing up as a child who was raped at a young age, I struggled with low self-esteem and experienced inner torment and guilt for most of my life. As a result I had no identity and tried everything to fit in with society but I failed hopelessly. Through the Grace of God I experienced healing and was set free of the inner torment and turmoil that gripped my heart. Today, I can now share my story to give children and teens hope, that there is a way out of that dark pit and point them towards the light.

Thabiso Maapola

Divorce was prevalent in our family and I had a misconstrued idea of what a marriage should be like. This caused me to find it difficult to relate to my heavenly Father. I was also involved in a church that indoctrinated their members to an idealism of perfection and salvation by works. This standard that was enforced upon me, caused me to feel as though I am not good enough and without hope. It wasn’t until I encountered the love of God that I was set free from all condemnation. And today, I know that God loves me, He has my name engraved on the palm of His hand, and nothing can ever separate me from His love.

Andre Rossouw

Ever since I can recall I had no relationship with my father. This caused me to have deeply rooted issues of rejection which I tried to numb by drinking, smoking, and going clubbing. Even though I tried everything to fill this void, I felt completely empty and depressed. It was only once I encountered the fatherly love of God, which gave me hope and identity, that my void was filled.

Kyla du Toit

Throughout school, I lacked identity, and as a result, I got involved with the wrong friends and found myself making bad choices due to my associations. I encountered the love of God for the first time when I was 18 years old, and because of this encounter I no longer felt rejected, I was accepted, and today I am a fierce woman of God walking in boldness and confidence. I feel that I have been given a divine purpose and mandate to introduce children to the love of the Father through an encounter with Him by sharing my testimony.



Organisations we have previously partnered with


SANCA (South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency) is a Non-Profit Organization and in existence since 1969. The Centre officially opened as a Rehabilitation Centre on 7 March 1984. Though situated in Polokwane the Organisation delivers services to the whole Limpopo Province. Services are rendered on an Out- Patient basis, to Substance Abusers, their Families and the Community at large. SANCA Limpopo Alcohol and Drug Centre has positioned itself as a leader and specialist in the field of addiction in the Limpopo province.

SANCA South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency


Namibia Blue Cross
Blue Cross Namibia aims to reduce the consumption of alcohol, drugs and other related addictions by active involvement of communities through programmes on prevention, treatment, care and support.

• Blue Cross Namibia seeks to improve the quality of life of Namibians by reducing the rate of alcohol, drugs and substance abuse.

Blue Cross Namibia



As second chance, we have reached many regions across South Africa and Namibia. We have seen the effectiveness of our speakers’ testimonies in the lives of the youth, and that the youth could relate to the life stories shared. Through this, they had hope. We saw many lives changed, and even the relationships between the scholar and the teachers improved.


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